St Thomas Aquinas


St. Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274

Thomas Aquinas was a philosopher and theologian in the 13th Century. He had no doubt whatsoever that there was a God directing the Journey of Life.

Aquinas looked to the Universe to provide proof that God existed.

Sunrise in Space

Aquinas taught that the universe could not have just sprung from nothing. Something just cannot come out of nothing. He taught that you are forced by your own reason to the conclusion that “The Universe” was caused to exist by something that existed before it.

What about the BIG BANG?

If St Thomas Aquinas were alive today he would say that the theory that the Big Bang causes everything doesn’t answer the question of what caused the Big Bang. He would go back to this original theory that the first cause must have been un-caused by anything else and that this “first cause” can only be God.

  • What did Aquinas think the first cause was?
  • Why did he think that the first cause was the only sensible answer?
  • Do you agree?

Has he proved anything?

When a person proves something to be correct, it means that they have gathered together enough evidence to force any person to accept it as the truth. Aquinas was claiming to have this sort of PROOF.

This claim is argued, that you can look at the same information as Aquinas (the universe) and come up with a different answer – that there was a cause for events is also fine, but that doesn’t give evidence of the kind of God that Aquinas is talking about.

  • If the FIRST CAUSE explanation (Aquinas’) and the Endless Chain Reaction (that there is no first cause and that the causes just go back into eternity) are both possible, which explanation do you think is the most probable? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Read Genesis Ch1. Does this text agree more with St Thomas Aquinas or those who disagree with him? Give reasons for your answer.

This first cause proof is part of the Cosmological argument.




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